About JEO

Our Yacht

Our primary vessel is a Catalina 36, sloop rigged sailing yacht. It comes complete with cooking and cooling facilities (galley), personal floatation devices (life jackets), private toilet (head), below deck round table seating (salon), inboard auxiliary (engine), etc.

Our Captains

Captains are provided with all Charters and Lessons, and are licensed by the United States Coast Guard. The USCG requires rigorous testing and significant previous experience. J.E.O. Sailing requires a minimum of 10 years experience of its captains.

Port of Call

Unless otherwise specified, we sail out of and return to the Grand River Marina, Fairport Harbor, Fairport, Ohio. The marina is located on the East Side of the Grand River, and is approximately a 40-minute drive east of downtown Cleveland. Maps are readily available


J.E.O. Sailing is an offshoot of J.E.O. Consulting. The Company's Charter includes the development of safety related equipment for the boating industry. J.E.O. Sailing is the arm of the company that brings safety to the individual through its Lessons and Charters.

J.E.O. Sailing is fully insured and accepts full responsibility for all it has control over.

Can’t wait for the season.

We are currently getting the boat ready for the season. Hope you are looking forward to summer as much as we are !