Sailing Great Lake Erie

J.E.O. Sailing has returned again to share another fantastic season with its clients. As in years past, our flexible offerings are geared for passenger safety & memorable times.

Location: Grand River Marina, 40 minute drive east of downtown Cleveland, allowing a getaway from the stresses of the fast lane. (Map available)

Sailing Charters

  • Typical 1/2 Day Extravaganza
  • 3 to 4 hour cruise, for 6 passengers, $300 per party!!! (Champaign & hors d’oeuvres additional).
  • Usual weekend departure times: 9:00 AM Breakfast Breeze, 2:00 PM Afternoon Bake, 7:00 PM Sunset Supreme.

Sailing Lessons

“Introduction To Sailing” Hands On Instruction

Class Highlights

  • Session 1: The Study of Sailing & Seamanship, presentation aboard the yacht, Ellie of Mayo.
  • Session 2: Sailing Great Lake Erie, 4 hour cruise aboard the yacht, Ellie of Mayo.
  • 2 sessions, 4 hours per sessions; Multiple summer classes available.
  • Course fee $189 per student; Small class size. 6 students maximum

Can’t wait for the season.

We are currently getting the boat ready for the season. Hope you are looking forward to summer as much as we are !