Payments & Policies

Payments, Lessons and Charters

Currently we are limited to payments via personal checks or cash.

Group and/or Class Size

Federal law requires that we limit our clients to six persons per sail. This keeps our Charters cozy and our Lessons individualistic.

Our Charters

Normal Charter fee is $300 for a 3 to 4 hour cruise.


The course fee is $189 per student.

Required Gear

The only required gear for Lessons or Charters is soft-soled shoes. Otherwise, for your own pleasure and comfort, be ready for the calmest &/or the most exciting of conditions. Appropriate gear would include swim suite and a warm, water repellent jacket. Our vessel is sound and stable. We will meet our commitments as long as the weather is not extreme.

For overnight adventures pack efficiently. NO hard suitcases. Baggage: Soft overnight suitcases or duffel bag. Plan cloths so they can be layered, for those cool starlit evenings. If you easily get cold, hat and gloves are a good plan. Bedding (not normally supplied) should include sleeping bag or sheet/blanket combination.

Cancellation Policy

If J.E.O. Sailing must cancel a Lesson or Charter for reasons beyond its control, we will reschedule or refund at the client's option.

Sorry, if a client misses a sailing lesson, JEO Sailing can not reschedule Lessons for individuals, even with prior notification.

If a client must cancel a Charter, fees &/or deposits will be refunded in full if written notice of cancellation is received by J.E.O. Sailing 10 days prior to castoff. If a client fails to properly notify J.E.O. Sailing of an appointment cancellation, THE CLIENT WILL BE HELD FULLY LIABLE FOR THE COST OF THE CHARTER AND BILLED ACCORDINGLY

Client's Obligations

There is no monetary security deposit requirement at this time. To keep this favorable policy in force, clients and guests of J.E.O. Sailing accept the responsibility of acting in a respectable, responsible, and mature manner. In Particular, the organizer (paying client) of any particular Charter Group (Party), accepts the responsibility of his Charter Group members. Separately paying Charter group members or sailing lesson clients accept personal responsibility for their actions.

Clients accept the financial responsibility for damages to the property of JEO Sailing caused by the client or his Party's carelessness or negligence. Cigarette burns or dropping equipment overboard are examples negligence

If partaking in any alcoholic beverages, use your best judgment & moderate accordingly. JEO Sailing does not serve liquor, but allows limited consumption by those of legal age.

The licensed Captain is at your service, but is also responsible for life, limb, and property damage. Please accept the Captain's request &/or orders seriously, and abide by them. If you need to offer a suggestion or opinion, please be brief and concise. Situations &/or decisions must be thought through quickly by the Captain. To counter the Captain's orders could: 1) Kill a good time for all by ending it early, with no partial refunds; 2) Putting yourself &/or the party at substantially increased risk, depending on the situation. 3) Or worse …

Positive Flotation Devices (Life Jackets) are available for all. Consider your own swimming abilities and the situation at hand. Locate one and designate it as your own. Ware the Life Jacket at will or upon request of the Captain. Minors must ware a Life Jacket at all times.

No smoking below Deck. The use of illegal drugs is forbidden aboard any J.E.O. Sailing vessel.

Welcome Aboard !!!

Jim O’Donnell, USCG Licensed Master Captain

Can’t wait for the season.

We are currently getting the boat ready for the season. Hope you are looking forward to summer as much as we are !